Monday, April 29, 2013

5 Awesome Posts!

  I am going to talk about my 5 favorite posts.  Some are from my blog and others from different blogs.  One post I like is from Will's blog.  If you want to see it then click here.   I like this post because he has interesting ideas about what he wants to be when he is older.  I also like a post from Sasha's blog about 10 people she would like to meet.  To see it click here.  Another good post is from Christopher's blog.  It is about his Christmas.  Christopher also has chickens.  To see his post on Christmas click here.  Some good posts from my blog are WE GOT CHICKENS! and Gymnastics Competition.

I really like these posts and hope that you do, too!  What do you think makes a good post?  What are some of your favorite posts?


  1. G'day Jakob,
    Could you check the link to Christopher's Christmas post as it needs to be changed?

  2. I think a good blog needs correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I also think it needs to be appealing to the eye. I would rather read a bright colorful post than a boring one tone post. I also think a blog needs some creativity behind it. I think it needs to be creative so people actually want to read it. I like many posts but I can not pick a favorite. I like the ones that people put a lot of time and effort into.

  3. Hi Jakob.
    I liked watching your gymnastic video. It was cool to see. I especially liked the music that you put in the video. I think a good post needs to be interesting, and that the author should do their best with grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but as long as they try their hardest it is ok if there are a few errors. One of my favorite posts is by Chahinez, who lives in Tunisia.

  4. Dear Jakob,
    Hi there! My name is Claire, and I really enjoyed Christopher's Christmas post. I like where he talked about incubating his quail eggs. I remember once in preschool I did that with chicken eggs, but it didn't work so well. I think that to have a good post it needs to have good spelling and grammar. It also has to be very interesting to read, whether creative or a completely new perspective. To me, the style of font or the background doesn't affect me too much unless it is too loud or something that I see in a lot of other blogs. My favorite posts are the ones that are creative stories. I really like to read fantasy so that is something that I always look for: a good fantasy write.