Monday, May 18, 2015

Cruise to Mexico

     We went on a Cruise.  It went to Ensenada, Mexico and to Santa Catalina Island.  Our first day was Sunday, when we got on the ship we got a bunch of food, then did a safety drill.  After that we all met for dinner.  All means Me, my dad, my mom, my brother, my other brother, my uncle, my other uncle, my grandma, my grandpa, my other grandma, and my other grandpa.  Dinner was delicious.

     Later, after Dinner I found out that there was a free soft serve Ice cream machine open 24 hours a day!  That was exciting.  

      The next day came and we were in Santa Catalina Island.  The water is very shallow so you can't park the ship on the bay.  So, you have do get little boats that take you to land.  We didn't got of the boat until around 12:30.  Before we got out I saw that they had mini golf.  So I tried that, and it was very fun.  

      When we finally decided to get of the ship we rented a golf cart and drove around the amazing Island.  we drove on the beach and in the mountains and all over the island.  That was very fun.

      When we got back on the ship we decided to try out the huge water slide!  Surprisingly, the smaller slide was faster because the big one was mostly flat.  That night we all met up for dinner again.

     When we woke up we were in Ensenada, Mexico.  There we tried a zip line that was over a quarter of a mile long!  They also had four suspension bridges, and four other zip lines.  One of which flew over a pond!  Next after our zip line adventure, we ate lunch then went back to the ship. 

     Saturday was our day at sea, that day we went to a very impressive magic show.  Then we did a Harry Potter trivia game.  In between everything I had ice cream.  After, I did the water slides again.  Then played table tennis!  

     Next morning was our last.  So we ate a good quality breakfast then left.  I will miss the Ice Cream.